Wind Energy Systems

Wind energy is the motion (kinetic) energy of the air current that forms the wind. A portion of this energy can be converted into useful mechanical or electrical energy.

Wind power is the result of wind turbines for generating electricity, windmill for mechanical power, wind pumps for pumping water or wells, or wind power in the form of a useful form of wind using sails to carry ships.

Factors such as the increasing demand for energy, the diminishing of the world’s limited sources of fossil fuels such as petroleum, natural gas and coal, the increasing environmental problems of the industrialized countries and the variability of oil prices, always keep the front lines of energy sources and efficient use of energy. On the one hand, energy production from the ineffective sources of hydropower, sun, wind, biomass, which are defined as improvement in the efficient use of these resources and nuclear energy sources and renewable energy sources on the other side, have gained importance.



As long as the wind continues to escape at the required speed, the wind tribunes continue to operate. There is no need to export or supply the wind.


Natural wind turbines can be placed even where it is impossible to live. Even mountains and openings are ideal for placing in the regions.


The wind tribunes have different sizes and each one has a different power output. A medium-sized wind turbine will provide energy to a small, isolated community that can not get help from other energy sources.


Instead of generating a large proportion of the energy of a power station, the production of many smaller wind turbines can produce the same ratio. This means that the possibility of a system failure is falling and the probability of stopping production is much lower. Wind energy is the ideal method for micro-production.

Why vertical turbine?

Thanks to our vertical turbine technology, we are able to generate more efficient electricity at less elevation than 3-bladed horizontal turbines.

Horizontal turbines are installed as high as possible in order to be efficient and use this power by turning towards the main wind. Vertical turbines go one step further and the winds from every direction use their full power at any moment. Turbines are also both silent and pleasant to the eye. Thanks to our special design of turbines, it is the most efficient working vertical turbines in the world.

Why Wind?

Wind is the most suitable renewable and clean energy source for energy production. Fast installation, low space requirement and low maintenance costs, and also free of charge.