High Voltage Equipment

High Voltage Separators


High voltage primary equipment and main items are used to isolate the system from the voltage. Separators do not supply current. They can not be opened and closed under current.

Separators have no current-interruption characteristics. They take place before and after the intercourse. When the cutter needs maintenance and repair, the cut-outs are opened after the cutter is opened. The separators are turned off before the system is requested to be energized again. Then the cutter is turned off and the system is energized.

The separator must not open under load. If for any reason the separator is opened under load, it will damage the surroundings and the separator due to the destruction of the arc separator. Thereforfe maneuvers should be made with caution. Today, various types of separators are used in medium and high voltage in our systems.

Standarts :

  • IEC 62271-102
  • IEC 60694

Applications :

  • Switchgear Centers
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants