Gel Battery

RV / Shipping / Golf Cart

RV Marine and sea-type deep-spinning pylons are generally suitable for boats and camper, and are only suitable for very small systems. It is usable but does not have many charge / discharge capacities for many years for truly uninterrupted service. Regular or vehicle type pacifiers should not be used because they do not drain out without damaging the inside of the pacifier. Golf cart batteries are very popular for small systems. The deep cycle of golf carts is more expensive than a recreational carousel. But it is the most expensive choice for a small system.

There are three types of heavy industrial Batteries:

  • Deep Cycle Battery
  • Liquid Lead Battery
  • AGM Type Battery

Deep Cycle Batteries

The lead acid is the same as the liquid crystal, they only have thicker inner platelets, so they can withstand a deep discharge.

Lead Acid Batteries

Liquid lead acid has been used for many years in the use of solar solar electricity and is still used in a large number of independently operated alternative energy systems. These are the longest-lasting and lowest-cost choices because they drop by 1 amp per hour. However, on the other side of the medallion, the advantage of these advantages is that it is well maintained with the necessity of adding water, the necessity of charge balancing, terminals and the need to keep the flow clean.

Sealed AGM Type Battery

The AGM is more fluid than solar electric systems, and although the price is lower, it does not require much maintenance. It is ideal for use in solar backup systems with grid backup. It is not possible to drain acid if it is closed. No periodic maintenance is required, no corrosive smoke is emitted, And charge balance is not necessary.