Power Transformer

The production of power transformers (IEC, ANSI, etc.) is in accordance with the international standards and for this reason, our transformers are available in the entire market according to your needs. We can also produce transformers according to our customers’ special requirements.

Power transformers are designed to operate under special climatic conditions, mild climate conditions (standard design), dry-humid tropical, dry tropical, highly polluted minefields and any other environmental conditions.

Below you will find the production and delivery of standard transformers in the main group:

Small Oil Immersed Distribution
The voltages of these transformers up to 36 kV can be up to 5000 kVA. Delivered in copper or aluminum coated. Closed load voltage control +/- 2 * 2.5%, airtight or conservator type, and voltage terminals are available through extensive bushing and cable boxes.

Large Oil Immersed Distribution
The voltages of these transformers up to 40 kV can be up to 100 kV. It is delivered as copper or aluminum coated DFF circuit (OCTC) or with on-load tap-changer (OLTC) .ONON and ONAF are refrigerated and AVR panel. Power transformer with natural oil cooling (ON), oil cooled (ON) IEC and VDE standards, under the trade mark TRANSTEK kV 72,5 MVA-25 MVA power range is produced.

Intermediate Power Transformers
The voltage level of these transformers is rated from 230 kV to 6.3 100 MVA. The closed circuit (OCTC) or on-load tap-changer (OLTC) is delivered with the ONAN, ONAF and OFAF cooling system and AVR panel.

Large Power Transformers
These transformers are rated from 420 kV to 440 MVA with voltage level. They are delivered as OCTC or on-load tap changer (OLTC), ONAN, ONAF, OFAF and OFWF refrigerated, fully closed surface or auto transformer and AVR panel. Or generator transformers.

Industrial Transformers
The rectifiers and converters are between 400 and 3600 KVA. The transformer for the electric-arc furnace is between 320 KVA and 100 MVA for induction heating plants.

Mining Transformers
FFire-damp transformer: Voltage up to 10 KVA can be up to 630 KVA. Protect it from dangerous environments containing a highly explosive mine..

Grounding and Auxiliary Transformers
Transformatörler 100 wye yıldız bağlı primer sargı ve sekonder sargısı 0,4 kV 1600 kVA derecelendirilir. Transformatörler, 6-36 kV ağlar için yapay nötrlük yaratır.

Can be used properly and safely:

  • Distribution Networks and Settlement Areas
  • Energy transmission networks and branches

Power Generation Plants:
Nuclear, thermal, combined cycle building, hydro, renewable energy.

Cement, Steel factories, Aluminum producer, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, Mining, Treatment Plant and Pump Stations and all other heavy and light industries.